President's Message

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2017 is here and we have an exciting year ahead! The theme for the year is “It’s All About Balance”, I truly believe in order to be successful in business, family, or leadership you have to balance your life. You may notice the peacock theme; did you know that the peacock has the best balance of any bird? A peacock balances 200 tail feathers that is 6 feet long, which is 2/3 of it’s overall length. It can take a peacock up to 3 years to learn balance all its feathers in order to effectively display them. We, like the peacock can and should learn to balance all of our feathers that make up our lives! My Women’s Council Membership brings me balance in my professional and personal world.

Membership in the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is a sign of credibility and part of an elite group of professionals dedicated to the welfare of the public and the communities we serve. Established in 1938, the Women’s Council of REALTORS® represents the 12th largest women’s professional organization in the country. What began out of a need for unity for all women has evolved into the most successful referral network in the National Association of REALTORS® family and breeding ground for real estate leaders on all levels of the industry.

On behalf of our 2017 Leadership Team Cindy, Andrew, Natalie, Christine, and myself, we are looking forward to an amazing 2017 and working with all of you! Thank you again for your dedication and commitment to Women’s Council! See you at the Mid-Winter Meetings in January!

Gia Arvin
2017 Florida State Network President